Tuesday, January 11, 2022
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Planning for wildlife tours in Uganda? Semliki National Park should not be missed on your bucket list because of its wide scope of wildlife primates to encounter. Uganda “The Pearl of Africa” is located in the East African part of the African Continent bordering Kenya in the East, South Sudan in the North, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West, Rwanda and Tanzania in the South with over ten top destinations to visit for Wildlife viewing, hiking, adventure sites plus different Cultural sites.

Where is Semliki National park located?

This park is located in the Western part of Uganda in Bwamba County Bundibugyo district covering 220km2 of Area, it was made in October 1993 and is one of Uganda’s newest national parks.194 km2 of East Africa’s only lowland tropical rain forest is found in the park. It lies on Uganda’s border with Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwenzori Mountains to the south-east of the park, while Lake Albert is to the park’s north. This park lies within the Albertine Rift, the western arm of the East African Rift. Therefore, reaching this park by road you will be entitled to use Kampala- Mityana – Mubende- Fort portal high way which is about 387 Kms, it is approximately 6-7 hours’ drive from Kampala to Semliki National park but it’s better you start your Journey in the Early morning such that you reach in time to cater for some resting time at your suitable hotel of residence.

What to see while in Semliki National park

This park is commonly known for the Sempaya hot springs which include both female and male hot spring but also, it’s a good haven for bird watching as over 400 bird species are recorded in the park where 216 of these species are true forest birds, including the rare Forest Ground Thrush and Sassi’s Olive Greenbul, nine species of horn bills have been recorded in the park. Not only birding but also this park has a wide scope of wildlife primates in its diversity with over 60 mammal species, including forest buffaloes, leopards, hippos, mona monkeys, water chevrotains, bush babies, civets, elephants, and the pygmy flying squirrel. Nine species of duikers are found in the park, including the bay duiker. This park has eight primate species and almost 300 butterfly species are recorded sightable while in the park.

Female & Male Hot spring

These mostly wanted attractions are found in Semliki National Park considered to be the main attraction as far as this park, the male hot spring is characterized with hot boiling water which can even cook eggs and unpeeled bananas, most of the visitors to this hot spring practice this activity of cooking to witness the real nature. Visitors usually go with uncooked bananas & eggs but when you reach there it’s just an easy way of throwing them in the boiling waters of the hot spring and pose a bit for some minutes while there are boiling but very excited to taste on these cooked eggs and bananas.

What to do while in Semliki National Park

The only activity done in this mighty and great Uganda’s National Park is a nature Walk which usually follow strategic and designated trails throughout the park, this is the best and only chance of sighting different Wildlife species situated in this park like Buffaloes, leopards, hippos, elephants and different bird species since you come into contact with nature including vegetation. The cost for Nature Walk in Semliki National park goes for $30 USD per person plus $35 USD per person per 24 hours.

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