Thursday, January 13, 2022
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Booking with the Eco Tours Kenya for your safari, you will get the best safari tour in Africa because the agency provides best and affordable services to its clients. If you decide to book with the above tour agency for your Kenya tours holidays, be expecting of achieving the best from your tour holiday and at an affordable price. Most travelers think that to achieve the best from his or her tour holiday you are entitled to put in more money which is not right and to evidence this, you try booking with the above tour agency for you will get an affordable tour holiday in Kenya of which the tour holiday will be of a life time (memorable) because the agency’s first priority is to ensure that its clients enjoy their tours instead of charging high prices yet even clients will not enjoy.

A traveler can book with the agency to go for a budget safari tour which is the most affordable of all types of tours. For a budget safari tour you will need to use affordable vehicles such as Safari Vans and Super customs of which the agency resides them all and they are ever of good quality and serviced daily thus expect no or less inconveniences regarding to vehicles because even before it is forwarded to you for the tour, you will first ensure that it is in a better condition of which after clarifying its condition you can then decide to take it in the field.

The agency will also book for you a good budget lodge in your chosen Kenyan national park or Reserve where your tour holiday is to take place from. Thus the agency will enable you to go for a Kenya tour holiday when you have used less amounts but what you will get from your tour will be like you have used a lot of million dollars because you will sleep comfortably, eat good food and also what you will see in Kenya’s national parks will be something not to forget easily because the country resides some of the best African national parks such as;

Maasai Mara National Park, the park’s wildlife is too exceptional thus making it to be the most ideal national park in Africa for wildlife safari tours because it protects a very huge population of wildlife. Most travelers to this Park enjoy visiting it in July, August, September and then October because during those months, wildlife safari tours in this Park is then another story. If the Park is known for residing high numbers of wildlife, then during those months again the number of wildlife increases more because a variety of animals access the Park through the Mara River migrating from the southern neighboring Park (Serengeti National Park) which is found in Tanzania but extends north to the border of Kenya thus forming Maasai Mara.

The two Parks are naturally and strongly attached to each other thus allowing animals to cross and migrate to any of the two Parks at any time though during July to October, the migration is then worst since animals move in high numbers in search of pastures in the neighboring Park (Maasai Mara) and hence travelers will enjoy this live migration where they will view over 1.5 million Wildebeests, half a million of Thomson’s gazelles and over 200,000 Zebras plus a huge number of Elands and Topis which access the Park during this great migration.

From the Park, a traveler will also be delighted to view all members of Africa’s big five which include; African Lions, African bush elephants, Rhino, Cape buffaloes and the African Leopards. The Park also resides the hugest number of Crocodiles in East Africa which is viewed from the Mara River together with the hippos which are also viewed in large quantities. Over 470 bird species are also resided in the Park plus the Masai giraffes, Cheetahs, Hyenas and a large number of antelopes including; the large roan antelopes and Impalas and many others.

Still Kenya has a national park which protects the highest number of African Elephants in the whole of Africa of which it is called Amboseli National Park and for viewing the highest number of Lions in Kenya you will need to visit Tsavo East & West National Park for it keeps the largest population of Lions in Kenya together with other members of Africa’s big five though for birders the best Park in Africa is Lake Nakuru National Park which is also found in Kenya and the major residents in the Park are the flamingos which are almost two millions in the Park together with other bird species which you will also enjoy while in the Park.

All Kenya’s national parks and reserves have well established lodges and exclusive camps of which the Eco Tours Kenya will be in place to identify for you the most affordable accommodation for you to live in while on a Kenya tour holiday if at all you consult it earlier because if you delay to book earlier, you are most likely to get disappointments because the country receives a lot of visitors, so you are emphasized to book as earlier as possible in order for you to get a chance of visiting some of Africa’s best national parks and reserves which are found in Kenya and the above agency will help you to get an affordable and a best tour holiday in Kenya.

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