Thursday, January 13, 2022
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Gorillas are the most important tourist attraction primates in Africa and they have contributed a lot to the development of tourism some major African countries including the three countries where the endangered mountain gorillas can be observed and trekked. These are Rwanda, Uganda and DR.Congo with Uganda contributing to almost half of the world’s left endangered mountain gorillas.

Having ultimate gorilla safari tours can be done in these three countries under the guidance of Moses a Tour Consultant in Nature Adventure Africa Safaris limited, these gorilla experiences begins with getting much information from the different sites and also consulting Moses for advice. These three countries have differing gorilla permits prices and it depends on one’s enthusiastic in a given country and the budget on which one runs plus the financial status.

Uganda has got almost fourteen gorilla groups located in its two national parks, Rwanda with over fourteen gorilla groups plus DR.Congo having eight, Rwanda gorilla permits costs $1500, Uganda $600 and DR.Congo $400 per person per trek. We took up an offer whereby we were to track from Uganda; we had to pay for all the requirements before arriving. We made all the reservations with Moses who was too honest on our side.

It was our turn to book for the visas and also get a yellow fever vaccination since all these documents were needed before proceeding; we got all these and the air tickets. We boarded Ethiopian airlines but we reached in the midnight to Uganda, Moses at that time he was available to receive us and he took us to airport view hotel for a night. The following day in the morning after our heavy break first we went to Nkuringo sector; this took us 7hours to reach the southern sector of this park where Nkuringo is located.

We were to track the Nkuringo gorilla group but we couldn’t track on our first second day since tracking starts at exactly 8am. The third day found us well and physically fit. We were taken to the park for briefing and we started our trek, tracking from this sector is quite challenging though a bit interesting, we went through the trails as the guides were telling us some nice to hear stories.

This took us five hour to trace the gorillas, we met them in the junctions within the trails and it was the duty of the guides to tell us the local names of these interesting primates. As we were taking photos we were told that this is one of the group which has got around 19members with Kirungi and Bahati which are one of the male silver backs, Kwitonda and Kasotora an adult females, Magara and Kwesima which are Juveniles and Muhozi and Furaha which are infants among others.

We took photos as much as we could, but it was so wonderful to track here, on top of that we observed other primates including the Colobus monkeys and the chimpanzees hence ranking this park to be on top in primates for having the first and the second largest primates. In the evening we went back to the lodge for an overnight as we sorted our photos from our gallery. On the next day we traveled back to Kampala only sighting tales from what we observed as we caught up our flight at 6pm under the management of Moses and credit goes for his exceptional services.

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