Thursday, January 13, 2022
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Welcome to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, it is found in the southwestern parts of Uganda and is now one of the most visited parks in the country. The park is divided into four regions such as Rushaga, Ruhija, Buhoma and Nkuringo. Each of these regions act as a trekking site with different habituated mountain gorilla families. In case one is interested in gorilla safari in Bwindi, then he/she has to be selective on which family to trek so that it simplifies the work of booking the trip in terms of accommodations and gorilla permit. While coming up with a choice of which region of Bwindi to track, one should have it in mind that all the four regions are equally interesting and offer a stunning gorilla tracking experience.

Although gorilla tracking can be successful throughout the year, there are specific months when the activity is most interesting and these months are referred to as peak seasons. This is the time when individuals wanting to visit gorillas yearn for a tour to the national parks where mountain gorillas are found. These months include June to September and then December, January and February though it does not mean that other months are not good to go for a trek and it doesn’t stop a tourist from making his/her own choice when it comes to deciding when to travel to Uganda.

Since every tourist wants to get value of his/her money, then he/she needs to know some important tips on what to consider before booking a gorilla trek to Uganda. First, the client has to make sure that he/she is in good health since gorilla trekking requires some physical energy of moving through thick forests in search for the gorillas. Second, a client has to book with a credible tour company with a remarkable experience when it comes to organizing trekking trips. This is to ensure that a client gets the best experience in Uganda with the help of the most qualified staff such as the Nature Adventure Africa Safaris.

Lastly, a client is also advised to research about gorilla tracking in Uganda so that he/she has some knowledge about gorilla trekking and also make the best choice of which gorilla sector to visit and where to stay. The Park consists of many lodges and hotels where a client can live in for his tour and these include Buhoma lodge, Engagi lodge, Clouds lodge, Buhoma Banda community, Silver back lodge and so many others. If these few things are done before booking for a gorilla trip, then a client is assured to make the right choice and should expect the best experience.

Before a tourist is allowed to trek the mountain gorillas in Uganda, he/she is expected to obtain a gorilla tracking permit. This acts as an authorizing document to track the gorillas in either Bwindi or Mgahinga national parks. A gorilla trekking permit specifies the gorilla family to be tracked by the client. Each tourist requires one permit and this allows him/she to trek once and specifies where to trek from and in Uganda, the permit costs US$ 600. It is somehow hard for clients especially those in foreign countries to obtain these permits in time because of the long distances and the best way they can do this is through using a tour company like Nature Adventure Africa Safaris in order to obtain them on your behalf and it is advisable to book for gorilla trekking permit three weeks before the actual day of traveling. This is done to avoid inconveniences on the safari and also give ample time to the tour organizer to book for the accommodations in time.

If you use the Nature Adventure Africa Safari Limited, it has a professional staff which will come and pick you at the airport when you arrive and they will take you to the place where you will stay and spend the night and then take you to the park in the next morning. It is advisable to use this tour company for either gorilla tours or even other wildlife tours due to its better services it gives to its clients who use it annually.

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