Saturday, January 15, 2022
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It’s possible to do a safari on your own. Offering you the freedom to explore with your own vehicle. There are few experiences to match the thrill of waking up in Africa knowing you’re about to venture out on your own with the freedom to explore some of the most sensational landscapes in the world. You can either go in a fully equipped vehicle so all the creature comforts are with you or you can simply drive from camp to camp and stay somewhere that is all set up with outstanding service in stunning locations. We work with you to tailor the perfect self- drive safari holiday. We do not offer vehicle hire only. It is our responsibility to create the entire experience for our guests from door to door.

Check the car thoroughly before starting your journey. Tyres must be in good conditions and always make sure the spare tyre is in good shape. For longer trips, we recommend 2 spare tyres. It is also worth checking the water level, lights, oil, wiper blades and for any leakages. The service tag will show you when the car was last serviced. We have no street lights in Uganda and some areas have high-way robbers, which it is definitely not safe to drive at night. And even getting assistance is not easy.

Because you are driving in a foreign country, we advise that you use road map and GPS navigation. Credible car rental companies such as 4×4 Car Hire Uganda provides cars with GPS and road maps at no extra charge. Traffic laws will save you from dangers on the road, for instance, read road signs, don’t drink and drive and always wear your seat belt and get your passengers to wear theirs too to avoid charges. Take breaks to refresh, eat, buy enough supplies and fuel the car. Don’t leave big towns without filling your gas tank because you may not know the distance to the next gas station. There are no fuel stations in National parks; therefore, you should go to the park with enough fuel. Avoid driving when you are tired. Either park and rest, or switch with your colleague if he or she has a valid driver’s license.

Your driving speed will change with the weather. Control your speed when it’s raining because roads are slippery. Marram roads are the worst, very dusty with potholes, and impassable when it rains. That’s why we recommend 4×4 cars. Uganda roads are narrow, some without pedestrian walks. Therefore, drivers should be attentive to observe other road users such as boda boda riders (Motor bikes for passengers), cyclists, students and cattle crossing among others. You must observe park rules and regulations for your safety; don’t feed animals, don’t walk alone in the park, stay inside your tent and don’t keep food items in the tent because, animals like hyenas and lions can smell it. You will pay a fine of UGX100.000 for over speeding in the park, and US$ 150 for off-track driving. Some parts of the country do not have clear network coverage. Therefore, you are advised to use satellite phones.

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