Friday, January 14, 2022
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Self drive involves one hiring a vehicle from the local reliable car rental agency company and use it for his/her own safari in Uganda, but before coming to Uganda, some of tips have to be followed, I got some of the tips from 4×4  Car Hire Uganda, for their fleet of cars, I chose a Safari Land Cruiser Prado cheaply at $70 USD per day without fuel and driver and I also requested Moses to give me advise on what to carry to Uganda for our camping safari. From the list he provided with us, we had no any equipment at that moment, therefore we hired all the camping gears from this company but all at very affordable quote, I also sent Moses money to book for us all the activities we were to do in the parks from  Kidepo Valley, Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi Forest, Mgahinga Gorilla and lastly the Lake Mburo National park and everything was planned to our expectations and i want to highly rank him as the best tour consultant as far as customizing self drive trips in Uganda.

Since we were four, we requested him also to provide us with an itinerary which we were to use due to our little knowledge of Uganda’s geography. He provided us with everything and we just had to wait for our travelling day, on reaching Uganda, we were give the car we had hired after signing an agreement and even making all the payments for the days we were to spend with it. After we were also taken to their head office at Najjanankumbi to get all the camping equipments we had hired from them.

Having been an evening, we couldn’t travel to our destinations instead we slept at hotel triangle in Kampala where we based early in the morning to go to the west to start our holiday, here we used the Mityana- fort portal road up to Kibale forest national park and this took us like 6hour to the park. On reaching the park, we were directed where we were to camp from by the park guides and that moment, we started to raise our tents for prior preparations before it turned to night.

Since we were too tired we decided to relax in our tents as our madam was cooking us food on our gas cooker, early in the morning the next day, we went to the park offices for briefing and also to be given park rangers that could guide and give us security as we were tracking chimpanzees around the Kanyachu trail. We started this activity at exactly 8am and it took us 3hours deep in the forest, but as we were tracking, we got chances of watching some bird species, black and white monkeys. This activity took us $150 per individual, since the rules don’t allow people to get closer to these primates; we took photos at a distance of 25m away as we were enjoying their family.

Afternoon we went back to our camping site to rest and at around 2pm, we went to Bigodi wetland sanctuary which is outside the park around the Magombe swamp where we saw baboons, having been told that baboons like sweet bananas which we also carried in plenty, we enjoyed as they were eating them like human beings and as they were fighting for a lion’s share. In the evening, we went back to our camping tent for an overnight within the park.

The next day we disjoined our tents and all camping equipments and packed them all and we went to Queen Elizabeth National Park and this took us 2:30hours on the way. On reaching the park, we contacted the management who directed us where were to camp from with the designated areas in the park, here we had paid for a boat cruise and also watching the tree climbing lions through a game drive. Early in the morning the next day, we went for a game drive around Kasenyi plains.

This gave an opportunity of watching herds of Uganda kobs, warthogs, leopard, antelopes and huge elephants among others, this took us like 3hours while in the park, despite of the fact that it had rained, this didn’t stop us from game driving since the vehicle we had was a 4×4 wheel drive car. We had our High Definition (HD) cameras we had carried for this holiday trip; these helped us to capture nice photos. At exactly 2pm we went to Kazinga channel for a boat cruise.

While on the boat, we watched the hippos, buffaloes and water birds, along with caimans, monitor lizards, marabou storks, weaver birds and elegant pairs of fish eagles. Elephants stride along the banks. We had cameras and binoculars which we used to capture photos and also to myopic some animals and birds that were far away from us, in the evening, we were taken back to our camping site for an overnight. The next day in the morning we proceeded for a game drive around the Ishasha plain.

This gave us a spectacular view of the tree climbing lions at around the midday as it was getting hotter and the fact is they climb to enjoy the fresh air up there and also find shades during that time, after taking picture while in our car, we drove back to our camping area for an overnight and the next day early in the morning, we traveled back to Kampala since our flight was scheduled for midnight. We handed over all the camping equipments and the car that we had from the company except for some equipments we had spoilt, we paid for them as we had agreed before. But otherwise we enjoyed this self drive holiday camp in Uganda with perfect vehicle from 4×4 Car Hire Uganda a very reliable car rental agency in Uganda.

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