Saturday, January 15, 2022
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Nyungwe National Park is a massive Montane Forest, located in southern Rwanda. It is the largest montane forest in Central Africa and inhabits 13 species of primate including chimpanzee and large groups of Rwenzori colobus. Tracking is on steep slippery hillsides and viewing is unpredictable. Around 300 bird species, orchids and butterflies are other attractions.

Nyungwe biodiversity is astonishing by African standards and is one of the most endemic species-rich areas in Africa. An early morning breakfast on day two and later proceed to Nyungwe Forest at 6:00am to search for chimpanzee. You will also track the colobus monkeys in the forest and have a chance to view the other habitants of the forest like birds, reptiles and butterflies. You may decide to have an optional guided walk in the forest where you meet Noisy and curious, intelligent and social creatures, the chimpanzee most closely related to a human than to any other living creature.

Chimpanzee share more than 98% of their genetic code with human beings. The chimpanzee has a thickset body with long arms, short legs and no tail. Much of the body is covered with long black hair, but the face, ears, fingers and toes are bare. They have hands that can grip firmly, allowing them to pick up objects. The discovery that they used “tools” for certain purposes surprised the world. Chimps live in groups called troops, of some 30 to 80 individuals.

If you enjoy Hiking, Nyungwe Forest is the place and you can adjust it with hikes that you would enjoy, some with primate trekking, others simply enjoying  Africa’s largest Afro-Montane Forest which is a wondrous place with its 13 primates, countless of birds, small mammals and more

Day three gets us in Akagera National Park the only places offering Savanna wildlife tours in Rwanda.  It is next to the border with Tanzania.  The wildlife has been growing in numbers and now there are lions present again in Akagera. The scenic beauty of Akagera National Park is one of the things that captivate you to the park since that scenery is simply breathtaking.

Drive to the east of Rwanda to Akagera National Park bordering Tanzania to see a variety of birds and animals such as elephant, giraffe, buffalo, spotted hyena, hippo, and crocodiles.  Canoe ride on Lake Ihema is also another opportunity to see the large number of hippo, the huge Nile crocodile and birds. All this is well prepared by Rwanda Gorilla Safaris to enable you achieve your once life time memorable safari and if the top you want to be tailor-made with your assistance and our tour experts visit this website and let us know what exactly you want and it will be customized as you want your holiday style.

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